Perl is a well-liked web-oriented programming language, that's used to generate CGI scripts as well as a variety of applications. It is really practical due to the fact that you don't have to write the very same code time and again to have some task executed more than once, instead you're able to apply modules. These are pre-defined subroutines or sets of tasks that can be called and executed in a script. This means that, you'll be able to add just a reference to a specific module within your code instead of using the entire module code over and over again. In this way, your script will be shorter, which means that it'll be executed more rapidly, not mentioning that it'll be easier to maintain and / or modify. In case you want to use some third-party ready-made Perl script instead of creating your own, it will most likely need certain modules to be present on the website hosting server.
Over 3400 Perl Modules in Shared Hosting
Over 3400 Perl modules are readily available when you acquire any of our Linux shared hosting packages. You can use as many as you'll need and we have ensured that we have all of the well-known ones, and a lot more which might not be used as much, but may be a prerequisite for some third-party web application that you wish to use or for a custom script in order to function efficiently. LWP, URI, GD, CGI::Session and Image::Magick are only a few instances of the modules you can access. You will be able to find the complete list in your Hepsia web hosting Control Panel along with the path which you need to set in your scripts, so they can use our module library. When you use our shared packages, you will be able to employ any type of Perl-based script without restrictions.
Over 3400 Perl Modules in Semi-dedicated Hosting
Our semi-dedicated packages come with a huge collection of Perl modules that you can use with your scripts. In this way, even when you would like to use a program which you've discovered online from a different website, you can rest assured that it will work effectively since regardless what modules it may possibly require, we will have them. Our selection features over 3400 modules including DBD::mysql, URI, LWP, XML::Parser and much more - some of them are commonly used and others not as much. We keep such a large amount to be on the safe side and to be certain that any script will run on our servers even if some module which it requires is used extremely rarely. The full list of modules you can use is available in the Hepsia hosting CP offered with the semi-dedicated accounts.